Monday, May 21, 2007

my new gor-di relationship

haha.. ytd (sat) midnight.. i happened to be online.. how to say.. i actually is juz on com then learn how to use alice (program).. then need to dl some files from ole(online learning environment).. so i connect my net.. and see whether msn got ppl or not.. see Jem and sihui online so i put online loh.. or else i will juz shut it off.. (i appear offline everytime i login).. so i put online mode.. then Jem started talking to me loh..dunno how.. end up to relationship side.. then i told him my love history..

dunno why.. i seldom tell ppl this de.. only my close frens.. VERYVERY close frens noe only.. 2 very.. so u can see how VERY it is.. lolz.. so i told him.. i only share it to my close ones.. so he say.. "i will named you my gan di(godbrother)".. that's how my new gor came about.. within my 1st one month in Tp..haha.. maybe juz the right time and the right moment bah.. so i started mine.. then dunno why.. i started shivering.. yup.. this feeling quite odd.. coz it's very rare this will happen.. coz maybe becoz those love thingy.. have been down into my bottom of my heart for a very long time liao.. which i didn't bring it up bring it up again.. (usually i will change a topic or avoid to answer when comes to this topics)..really odd odd de.. but also thanks 4 that.. i learn alot from that lah.. he told me that's more than juz loving each other for a relationship to hold on..

the 1st thing.. from his opinion is committment.. as we all noe.. we muz be committed to juz 1 gal/guy during a relationship.. is like all the minds and stuffs will be concentrate at her/him.. 2nd thing is responsibility.. we muz be responsible enough to take care of our partner.. how to phrase it leh.. it's like fu zhe ren.. as in.. when you make a mistake..u admit it.. or u face danger.. you dun juz leave her/him alone.. and run away.. 3rd thing is trust.. this is so called the key factor of breaking up.. u dun trust me.. i dun trust you.. blabla.. trust for my case is like both partners need to build up a trust among each other.. then if u have good foundation.. the probs in the future will be easier to face with..

so.. he also started sharing his love thingy lah.. which i PROMISE HIM I WOULDN'T SAY IT OUT.. (good frens of mine shld noe that i am a good listener.. and wat u told me. i juz shut it up.. after every thing.. or i reply to you at that point of time..then cut it off liao.. if u ask me again.. i will still rmb.. and that's how i am so powerful in.. understand others but not myself)..yup.. so we pause half way for him to wash his hair.. then continue loh.. now noe much more things about him.. and noe that we cannot judge a book by its cover.. coz week 0 or everytime i saw him.. he is juz alright de.. seems to be an okay guy.. but deep down.. hmm.. yup.. same as my other two gors.. which i find it.. how come guys muz hide all those things out from ur reach.. as like nth has happen and go on.. same for my case loh.. really really dunno why..

that night.. we chat from nearly 1am to 3am.. very long time never chat till so late liao.. since that time i yuwei and sam on msn.. and weijian kaibin and me on conference call.. youhock qx with me on conference.. sihui ian cheryl and me on conference.. basically.. very very rare you will see me stay up so late chatting.. most of the time i will slp or watch late night movie..haha.. but ytd i did grow up abit more bah.. as in mindset.. hmm.. yup.. guess that's all bah.. really really glad that i on the com ytd.. coz i on it at 7+ untill 9+ liao that night.. hmm.. it seems so long ago that i pour out all my sorrows and feelings on my past.. really REALLY.. that midnight.. i slp very soundly.. as in.. really a pleasant slp to the day.. i wake up which is like 11+am.. can u believe.. 1st time wake up so late.. since poly started.. yup.. that 1hr+ did provide me and him the chance of understanding each other lah.. yup.. :D

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