Friday, May 4, 2007


ha.. i will make this short.. watching tv half way.. hmm.. got my msg of the badminton trial out today.. abit shocking coz tml morning is that trial out le.. then their practise is like

mon- 6pm to 9pm
sat- 9am to 12nn

then i also have swimming practise on wed/fri evening 6pm to 8pm and sun 3.45pm to 6pm.. that makes me a totally sport person liao.. dunno i can live or dead with it.. but i guess i can manage it well bah..haha..

hmm.. today met Jem again..this time shld be the 7th time.. he told me that the fate issue makes him goosebumps..haha.. i abit embrassed at that lah.. coz 1st time met dao this kind of situation..haha.. but close frens will know that i am very this kind of person as in emo type bah.. is it?.. did i use the right thingy?.. haha.. let me see.. wat can i say to clarify this leh..

  1. i kind of treat him like my new gor bah (KIND OF)
  2. it's hard to find easy-going fren like him.. say nice is easy going.. say bad is bo-chap..haha..maybe there's chemistry bah.. dun use too senstitive wording..haha..
  3. and .. i am really straight-straight.. as in i love my _______ .. still no 1 yet.. finding.. but dun wish to encounter the same fate of break-up again.. hurt once is sad.. hurt twice is experience.. hurt thrice.. i dunno wat i will be doing..

yup.. but so qiao and really it's qiao lah.. queue-ing for food at 1 of the stalls (of 10) in TP (which has 7 canteens).. that's really very qiao.. he juz behind me loh.. so it's like.. once ppl met they will met.. once ppl won't be meeting.. they won't met.. wah.. even i myself dunno wat i am saying.. so luan.. okay.. end of story..

hmm.. today met dao kangcheng, 1 of my primary sch mate.. at BUS yellow staircase..we looked at eachother(coz very long time never meet liao).. then we said "IT'S YOU".. then we went off separate ways liao.. but i am glad that amy.. also my pri sch mate gave me his msn juz now.. so yup.. keep in contact mah.. haha.. then today finally saw fathinah.. guess at where.. at the double bus of 23.. wah.. tell u.. really really coincedence.. coz i originally is go home liao..then i pei jonathan check his laptop.. so it's like kind of heaven's arrange.. wah.. i use these words again..haha.. hmm.. yup.. TP is really small.. i met dao almost all my frens liao.. yup..cheryl low.. i still waiting to met dao you..haha.. or else.. almost all liao.. yup.. for close frens wise.. yup.. guess this fate issue will settle down soon bah..lolz..

yup.. these few daes heard that INTSC is holding a gathering for INT freshes.. on sunday at 11am..sentosa leh.. dunno how many donkeys months didn't go liao(shld be years right.. but not that long also..haha..).. so yup.. i have swimming lesson on sun afternn leh.. really dun think i will be able to make it.. but really really 1 to go to have fun.. hmm.. maybe that's juz can't bah.. hmm.. anyway tml going to watch spiderman le.. spiderman here i come.. same for tml trial out.. all the best.. anyway.. i have decided to call myself Jim instead of Jimmy.. juz for these few mths.. but u all still can call me whichever u like..haha.. enjoy weekends n i am really very tired now..haha..

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