Monday, September 3, 2007

3 long days

3 long days
last FRI:
1) morning swim with jianyong.. it's really very cold.. shivering cold.. but we still swim.. for less than 2 hrs..
2) went to nvss to catch up with sec teachers..
3) lunch at Banquet.. banquet food is expensive..i ordered economical noodles.. :P
4) evening dinner with kb gor.. (details at previous post.. scroll down)
5) night watching of chinese musical by 实践theatre
"《天冷就回来》 IF THERE'RE SEASONS... " (details at above post.. scroll up)

last SAT:
1) lunch with aunt, aunty cindy, elder sis and her bf, we went to a chinese restuarant at clarke quay for diu sum and some ala le crate dishes.. coz my aunt have 200 dollars vochur.. so decided to fit all in to finish that vochur.. i eat untill very full and have lots of laughter and jokes lah.. enjoyable yummy lunch..walk down estallor then arrive juz nice for the train..(how accurate is it..?)
2) rush to meet yuanh at my downstair busstop.. (i am on time.. suprisingly.. heaven's fate).. then go off for weekly prayers at Expo.. hehez.. didn't chat much coz he tired after bball.. then coz of graduation nite.. a whole 1 hr of delay then signed cards for my cell grp graduated members..
3) hop on to my bus 88 on time.. i was running.. where i saw the bus when i reach the bus booth.. isn't it too concidence..then reach si si hse on the dot of 9pm for BBQ.. :)>.. they ate le liao.. so eat abit more.. considered the leftover..haha.. then we eat liao go up to si si hse to chat.. all gals and me 1 guy.. dotz.. 1 point they were talking abt that da yi ma.. that.. red red.. :(.. okay.. yup.. i.. was very shock..but i didn't say anything.. dotz..
4) night talk with best fren recognised on that day.. basically.. he cared for me and willing to ask me out to comfort me.. he pull me up when i was down right into the deep well.. really appreciate him.. :)

last sun (ytd):
1) meet up with zhiyuan for lunch.. and some counselling by him to me.. yup.. thanks to him.. i have recovered a bit more liao..
2) go swim.. tiring.. dunno y.. today(mon) test..
3) dinner with alice and grp.. yup.. have fun joking around lah.. abit more okay and appreciate the reason behind..then got my JJ write up.. thanks alice.. and woohoo.. JJ-party at 090907 sun.. i am super excited abt that:)

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