Sunday, September 2, 2007

Meng @ lesson 2

Meng @ lesson 2
Topic: The broad and narrow way.. read between the false and the truth

1) Narrow way
-many find it difficult to walk
-alot of boundaries
-one need to keep focus to walk the narrow way
-it's juz like life.. full of boundaries

2) Narrow gates
-it's as small as the eye of a needle
-leave behind your past.. your everything.. your entire burdens.. denial yourself and you will find the narrow gates

3) Broad way and gates
-Almost every1 walk the broad way.. the easier way out.. thru the broad gate..
-but this broad gates will lead to physical, spiritual and eternal ruin or loss!
4) Use critical thinking and use your brain and mind to THINK and Beware of false teachers, false ministers of God.. false prophet which divide and conquer the world and cause confusion

5) Grace does not absolve us from confession of our sins
6) Grace is not the license to sin
7) You can never change what you are not willing to confess!
8) Grace of God has no limit
9) Admit our guilt and accept forgiveness and seek for a chance for confession
10) Faith that doesn't have good work is not a faith, same for Grace

i guess these ten pointers will help u and guide u along the way of ur life.. dunno anything u can ask me.. if i can't help u understand.. then maybe my frens can help.. thanks and

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