Sunday, September 16, 2007

Meng @ lesson 4

Meng @ lesson 4
ytd.. has a GREAT service maybe i am stil new.. so didn't noe much of it.. yup.. here it goes..
next sat "meng @ lesson" will be amandon coz kana forced by family to stay at home for farewell dinner of elder sis.. she leaving that nite.. so eat.. aiyo.. sad.. nvm..

1) To much has given, much has required.

2) Purpose of having memorial stones
- Act as a reminder of their own personal experiences
- Let their future generation know about God existences and believe Him

3) Memory
- through photos to bring back memories of friendship and relationship
- sometimes most of us juz dun take or have the time to reminise the memorise we have

4) Influence
- influence is the aim of God
- influence must be built upon, through faithfulness
- influence can be lost through unfaithfulness
- influence comes through great commitment

5) With great responsiblility, comes great effort

6) Salt and sand
- salt will eventually turn bland
- salt and sand although they look the same.. salt is a substance that has flavour
- sand is juz nth juz sand.. and it remains there all the way.. haha..

7) Christian are...
- branches of Christ
- to be epistles of our life
- ambassadors or presentor of Jesus Christ
- ministering as good stewards, where we will have good attitude and the willingness to be ready for any actions that is called upon Jesus.. :)

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