Saturday, September 15, 2007


Wahaha.. 12th Sept is really a very impt day for my family.. relatives and frens of my elder sister and my brother-in-law..Spen.. haha.. yup let me briefly tell u some of the details..

morning: i wake up by my elder sis at 8.55am.. got brush up..then breakfast.. then start capture shoots for her.. her make up artist came late.. then aunties all come to my hse to help in the cooking.. then i go down at 10.45am to open the car for my brother-in-law.. AN ANGBAO.. becoz of that.. tradition mah..wahaha.. then he and the best man (his elder bro).. went up with me back home..haha..then after some waiting for the make up to be done for my elder sis.. that western game playing start.. ha.. that groom answer some tricky qns from the frens of the bride side.. ha.. then finally he can enter her room..WOOHOO..haha..

then they go down for 1 ride(chinese custom).. and back home for lunch.. ha.. my family and relatives wait for elder sis' frens to eat finish.. then we eat.. haha.. YUMMY food.. or is it becoz i am too TOO hungry.. yup.. so busy that morning.. serving foods and drinking.. then that night before slp too late.. :(

afternoon: i ironed pants at 3.45pm after bath.. then wear my ironed new shirt and pants.. wah.. shuai sia..haha.. ok.. CHEEMENG STOPPED BEING SO ZHI LIAN.. (love urself)>.<..ha..then go off to Gallery Hotel by my 3rd sis as driver with my 2nd sis.. and me.. ha.. then we go that diner place to familiarise with the location.. then start with our reception thingy..

night: then ppl come.. the recepitionist do their job and i usher the direction of seating lah.. yup.. then after all those trouble and stress.. IT'S EATING time...wahaha.. yup.. yummy food i can say.. haha.. when east meet west== great food..wahaha.. got spaghetti.. vege mushroom.. chicken.. honey roast meat.. etcs etcs .. dessert is .. yummy cheese choco cake and tiramisu... wah..LOVE IT..!! :)

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