Tuesday, September 4, 2007


My plans for the month
1st week
3/9 mon:
swim test
4/9 tue: went out with zhiyuan
5/9 wed: movie and jap buffet with ex-cher
6/9 thu: rotting in progress
7/9 fri: k-box with sengyap
8/9 sat:
- weekly practise with costllan yuanh and mei
- dinner at 4th uncle hse
9/9 sun: JJ party at vivocity.. woohoo.. 3rd level of auditorium at 1530.. with autograph session of his latest album.. :)

2nd week
10/9 mon: go out with ostrich family to watch k-drama (part1)
11/9 tue:
- cycling with si si and cheryl
- barber at yhock's auntie hse
12/9 wed: elder sis wedding.. woohoo (busy..)
13/9 thu: swim with zhiyuan
14/9 fri: study with yuanh and andy
15/9 sat: weekly service with yuanh.. costl.. mei
16/9 sun: I NEED A REST!!

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