Monday, September 3, 2007

chinese musical

wah.. my 3rd post for today..
Inspired by the popular hits of songwriting sensation Liang Wern Fook, If There’re Seasons... takes us on a journey to find meaning at life’s uncertain crossroads. Where a group of young friends learn that some things are worth holding on to, no matter what lies ahead. If There’re Seasons... is a breathtaking musical about love beyond death, friendships that go the distance, and dreams that find their way home.

After the painful demise of his girlfriend Jing, Ah Le flies to New York to breathe life into his fading dream of writing music. There he meets and befriends Ah Qiang, a dream hunter from Singapore, who helps him to adapt to the new environment. It is a difficult period, but Ah Le soon gets a job working at a restaurant.
While on the job he encounters Rose, a struggling actress who fits right in with the boys and a beautiful friendship of battered dreams and bruised lives is born. The winds of fate stir and their lives tumble on. An air of romance lingers wistfully with Ah Le and Rose, but does the previous love with Jing really die?

haa..yup.. odd and strange that i will watch chinese musical right?.. my elder sis invited me and asked me 1 to go to watch or not?.. $35 dollars leh.. so guilty.. my sis already broke liao.. sian.. yup.. afterall is so.. it's a free show.. nah.. but it really brings me many good values and good songs lah.. the actors and actresses really sing very well.. sing INTO my heart.. some i even got goosebumps.. coz they sing very high pitch.. lolz.. ok.. yup..

here are some:
1) homeland are still the best afterall
2) forgive the past and live the present..look forward for the future
3) treasure every moments of ur life coz u won't noe will happen to u
4) normal life can be a fruitful and enjoyable life..

that's all.. 2009 they will re-show again.. hope any1 can go watch with me.. i am most willing to watch with u guys.. :)

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