Friday, September 28, 2007


sun 23/9: is really a fun day for me.. went for church sub zone gathering.. play some really fun and siao games but really tired after that.. i really stoned out when the competition ends.. my grp got 2nd.. haha.. shared $40 Swensen vochur. .and my leader is volunteering $50 each for each of us.. faint.. alot leh.. but he navy de mah..can afford de lah.. :P.. haha.. wow.. $55 swensen meal.. yummy.. waiting for more details.. haha.. then can chiong to swensen and eat eat EAT.. wah..!!

basically the game is like 5 grps competing and play the roll dice walk how many steps game.. the theme is "yue zhong yue yuan" is like "keep walking..".. haha.. bad translation..haha.. then the details i lazy to type lah.. it's some how like falicator and the participants game like that loh.. very very similar to my IT sch svanger hunt.. haha..


tue 25/9: mid autumn festival.. i go for an afternn hot run with si si.. wah.. tell u.. i run 500m i almost fainted liao.. so weak.. long long time never run le mah.. weak weak.. that day special.. i didn't eat any mooncakes.. but after that day.. i eat alot..haha..

thu 26/9: i make a promise?.. haha.. to meet zhi yuan for swimming.. yup.. go to his grandma condo's there swim.. enjoy de jar-ku-ji.. haha.. something like that lah.. i dunno how to spell.. :P.. then going abt to reach home.. jiu rain.. then i chiong in my block.. PHEW... rain EXTREME heavily after that.. heng ah.. :).. anyway to zy : "your suaning did make me emo on that day journey home"

fri 27/9: HAHA.. iwent to help for children's day.. lazy to write liao.. but it's really really veryvery GREAT to see all those.. innocent kids (age 2-6).. so young.. so immature.. yet so .. wonderful.. :P.. haha.. okay..

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