Monday, September 24, 2007

weekly activities

sept 17/9 mon: wah.. that day i almost going to fall sick.. but thanks to wany taught me to cover the blanket whole nite slp then let all sweat come out.. and i that nite is a obdient boy.. i slp the earliest as i could 11pm.. lolz.. but wake up really really energticly..haha..

18/9 tue: that day i yuanh wany costllan joyce guocheng have a wonderful time at seoul garden eating for how long.. THREE AND HALF HOURS.. i can't believe it..haha.. eat so much.. later we still go IKEA TAMPINES to play.. YUP.. play.. we sit on all the beds.. and touch everything we seen.. wahaha.. so playful.. yup.. i enjoy very much that day.. it really de-stress me.. :)

19/9 wed: 11am i meet joseph and qingx for badminton..we played untill 1pm..then go hougang mall for cafe cartal lunch.. haha.. i order set lunch.. as usual.. we mugged all the bread.. we mugged out 4 baskets that are full of breads..haha.. the lunch was very enriching.. pehraps is i exercise already.. i tend to eat alot too.. wahaha.. yup.. later we go for pool at kovan.. mr spencer ng opened de.. haha.. juz 1 mth ago.. looks bright and new to me.. youhock came as we invited him.. haha.. then we started to play 3pm.. untill 6pm.. wah.. 3 hrs for only average out.. each play $7.. cheap right?

we play winner stay.. loser out one.. haha.. then i that day then noe i use wrong hand.. coz i am
left handed.. i shld put my right hand as the lever then left hand as the shooter.. haha.. but really i enjoy playing pool.. haha.. i won 3 matches with 3 different player.. haha.. becoz of the black ball..haha.. they shot in the black ball by mistake.. some is black ball then the white also go in.. erm.. everytime is last min.. i won.. i am so shock loh.. haha.. :)

20/9 thu: shopping with zhiyuan
yup.. today shop with zhiyuan to VIVOCITY .. ya.. vivo again.. sad.. but it's true.. but this time i explore more shops liao..haha.. a diffn part of VIVO.. but.. all clothes are unaffordable for me.. sad.. when i am working.. i sure buy some of those.. i promise..!!

21/9 fri: class ccommitte meeting abt class gathering in TP with meiwei jon and lucky.. we have a 1hr discussion abt whether a chalet or bbq only.. yup.. out turns out to be bbq.. haha.. and farewell dinner at home.. yup.. my supper-dinner is 10pm.. yup..10pm.. i almost fainted.. even i dun stuff some bread or something.. i will be dead.. but after those great food and 4 glasses of jap plum wine.. live is really great.. i can't even take somemore red wine.. haha.. :)

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