Friday, September 7, 2007

about 1st week of sept

It's friday liao.. hmm.. happened alot of thing.. let me see..
3/9 mon: swim test
mon de swim test is very doom.. 2 hrs before the test.. HEAVY downpour.. i was like.. OMG.. then still got thunder.. then i reach complex that time.. forget to bring coins.. how to go in..?.. sian.. so asked jiany to come earlier.. then when waiting.. maybe it's fate.. i saw a child holding that "blue leaflet of the bronze test".. then i asked the service counter.. she told me.. need that leaflet for test.. then i was like.. SHARKS.. i quickly rush home to take loh.. sian.. then reach at pool juz less than 10 mins before test.. swim 1 lap..then go put on pyjamas liao.. then start my test.. at first.. abit unstable..then slowly picked it up liao.. afterall is a successful 1.. juz that alot of obstacles.. ha..:)

4/9 tue: went out with zhiyuan
went to yishun northpt.. then shop all the way from 1st level to the top.. then he insist to come to my hse.. since there are not much time left to go to another mall.. then i was like.. OKAY LOH.. sian.. coz my hse really very very MESSY..i need 1-2 hrs to clear up the mess.. then can invite frens de.. but.. overall.. it's alright.. juz that his impression my hse isn't that great afterall..:(

5/9 wed: movie and jap buffet with ex-cher
hmm.. what to say leh.. i did enjoy the fun and food.. jap food rox.. yummy.. paper wok.. fried stuffs.. oh... love it since also it's $33+++... wahaha.. then watch rat-de-two-it.. wahaha.. very educated and touching.. yup.. meaningful meaningful.. but.. meet a "bad incident" on the road while coming back home.. really spolit our mood loh.. that's 1 foreign driver cut in our path with its signal immediately.. i noe that he did signal.. but he can't cut right in immediately de mah.. then.. while red light.. my cher wined the window and talk manners to him.. across the car..but he seems drunk.. say what "YOU SHOULD AT LEAST GIVE WAY IF U ARE A GENTLEMAN(my cher husband)".. i was so angry.. so as all the ppl in our car.. sad:(

6/9 thu: late night drive about trial-out of wedding route
basically.. i hop into dad car.. then 3rd sis drive.. elder sis give instructions.. then her future husband beside me.. so i juz listen to great music and relax myself can liao..wahaha.. in between there's a traffic jam.. got 1 very serious accident at CTE.. sian.. so stuck in there for like almost 1hr..end up eating supper at Jalan kayu as late as 12.15am.. sian.. i order icecream prata.. then... eat very cold..nice.. but... back home... when i trying to slp.. i can't .. omg.. i need to apply medicated oil..sad.. but after that..can slp liao..:)

7/9 fri: k-box with sengyap
k-box with a guy.. yup..haha.. very high loh.. we no need to care abt image.. juz shout and scream.. i sing high pitch all the way.. from the start to the end...CLAP.. haha.. although now throat abit not good now.. then after that go bras baser complex to pei him find some assessment book.. but didn't found dao.. but that pop@central (popular) really very big.. it's 4 levels de.. wah... then we decided after to go vivocity by bus 80 since we travel train also alot of ppl.. muz as well go back to harbour front to take from there back home.. wahaha.. smart right? :P

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